It’s not just the kids, it’s everybody—everybody seems to have their nose in an I-Pad, SmartPhone, SmartWatch or LapTop.  To some of us, it’s annoying because we actually know what these obsessed tech types are missing out on.

A fellow such dinosaur is consultant/businessman/blogger Tim Bryce who wrote a recent column called The Absence Electronics musing about what might happen if America was knocked off the grid…

” If televisions and computers were knocked out, people would be forced to read, write and speak again. Kids would have to come out of their caves and into the sunlight, pick up a ball and get a little exercise and socialize. We would all still be craving some form of entertainment and, because of this, you might see more picnics, concerts in the park, and other civic functions. Attendance at school functions, such as the PTA and SAC, would be stimulated, and parents would become actively involved in the welfare of their children again. Participation in other nonprofit groups would undoubtedly flourish as well. Basically, our socialization skills would improve and we would become more conscious of our civic duties.”

You get the idea, many of the things that made the good ol’ days “good” have been lost to the temptations of tech.  Tim paints a pretty picture of a kinder, gentler, healthier time.  Certainly worth musing about.  Check out the column here and enjoy

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