A new law you may not be aware of is if you are drunk driving and get arrested, your car goes straight to impound. All too often, jails will release an intoxicated individual while they're still drunk so there's the chance they'll just hop back in their car and drive home - drunk, which is the problem that got them to jail in the first place. State Patrol Chief John Batiste says it's less of a punishment, but more about the safety of the individual.

There are a few rules to this exceptions. If the person doesn't own the vehicle or there's a co-owner. If that's the case, then the owner or co-owner can reclaim the car. If they happen to get a DUI while driving commercial or farm equipment (yes, it does happen), then the legal owner can claim that at on site and not at the tow yard. If not, then you have to wait 12 hours after you're arrested.

According to arrivealive.com, Washington state is the 7th worst offender for DUI fatalities and is well above the US Average. It's all a matter of safety. Not that you needed any more of a reminder not to drive drunk, but losing your car to an impound lot, which isn't cheap, is another one to pile on your guilt.