dog eating ice cream

Admit it.  We've all felt it. The surprising jolt that comes when a dogs cold wet nose pokes us when and where we weren't expecting it!  Ever wonder why? Why the cold nose on the family pet?

If you guessed it goes way back before Alpo and Purina to a time when it might actually have helped the dog in finding food, raise your paw and moved to the head of the pack.

The Daily Mail reports on the work of European researchers who found when the the temperature of a space is 86 degrees Fahrenheit, the tip of a dog's nose, which is full of nerves, is nine degrees cooler.

So how does that help the hound?  It's all about the heat given off by a mini mammal nearby.

The colder nose is sensitive to the warmer air surrounding a possible furry feast,

Scientists say the dog can detect very faint heat sources, such as the presence of the small mammal, from five feet away. The sensory information could be relevant for hunting.

Previously, it was assumed that a dog's nose was cold in order to help regulate its body temperature.

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