The perfect storm may be just about to blow up a job opportunity for you or someone you know interested in health.   Astria Health, the largest non-profit healthcare system based in Eastern Washington state, has taken note of the wave of baby boomer retirements coupled with the growing need for healthcare and has created a national nurse-recruitment campaign to meet current and future needs.

Hospital officials say the old ways of recruiting aren't as effective as they used to be and potential employees  have a lot more concerns about quality of life in the community as well as in the hospital system itself. Astria Health’s nationwide campaign kicks off today.  “It can be tough for a nurse to decide to move across the country to the unknown,” said Astria Regional Medical Center’s Chief Nursing Officer Sara Williamson.  “We understand that moving is a pretty big gamble to take, so that’s why we posted videos of some of our own nurses talking about why they love to work at Astria Health.

We work for a company that believes in advancing education and providing opportunities for education and advancement…that’s probably why so many of our employees have been here for more than twenty years,” Williamson said. “There is a reason why we have so many contract nurses who come for a 13-week stint and then wind up signing on full-time.

Astria Health’s campaign message is simple: “Work to live, not live to work,” said Dawn O’Polka, the Chief Marketing and Communication Executive for Astria Health. “This is about connecting people with a passion for nursing with Astria Health’s mission, vision and values of caring for the people who live here,” she said.

Astria Health features three and numerous clinics.

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