The nationwide shortage of nurses continues in 2022 but Yakima Valley College helping to train more nurses in the state. The local school recently received a $427,000 state grant so nursing students can experience real-life health care scenarios in the classroom.
“YVC’s nursing program is dedicated to making sure our students are ready for the reality of being a nurse,” says E’Raina Hatch, interim director of nursing. “This grant allows us to expand on the simulation equipment that our students will be able to access, providing even more opportunities to build their care-giving skills.”

The grant will be used to purchase a variety of important equipment.

"A cardiopulmonary patient simulator, called “Harvey,” which can realistically simulate nearly any cardiac disease at the touch of a button by varying blood pressure, pulses, heart sounds, murmurs and breath sounds.
A Nursing Anne Geriatric Simulator designed for scenario-based training for the care and management of basic patient handling skills to advanced nursing skills working with geriatric patients.

The specialized equipment will give future nurses hands on experience

SimCapture, a learning management solution for healthcare simulation and education that allows faculty to effectively manage, record and assess simulation training, both on- and off-site. The web-based tool will enable YVC’s nursing program to capture audio, video, annotations, patient monitors and simulator data in a single web-based interface.
A simulated mobile medication cart that replicates the realism of bedside medication administration for point-of-care delivery. Combined with a simulated medical record system and medication administration software, the SimCart enables educators to more effectively simulate medication administration while promoting patient safety and best practices.
Access to a digital library of pre-developed, expert-validated teaching simulations that instructors can use in their courses with all of the simulators owned by YVC’s nursing program. This content ensures YVC nursing students will receive up-to-date, immersive training that will allow them to gain exposure to more real-life situations involving patients.
Three new hospital beds used in nursing simulation labs to replace older beds."

Contact YVC today if you're interested in the nursing program

If you're interested in becoming a future nurse Yakima Valley College has a six-quarter program where you can earn an Associate in Nursing Direct Transfer Degree as well as a four-quarter program that leads to a Practical Nurse Certificate.

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