Yakima doesn't play around when it comes to celebrating Halloween. We are the Halloween Town Party Animals capital, if I do say so myself. We show up in droves to your neighborhoods to get all your trick or treat candy. We head out to fun Halloween parties at bars and our friends' houses, just so we can enter costume contests (even if the top prize is a free beer and nothing else).

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Halloween jokes are a popular topic this time of year but I’m sorry to say, I’m fresh out. I just wish I did have some Halloween jokes to lift my spirits.


Ba dum, hiss!

I have been avoiding getting my Halloween costume together even though I’ve spent a good chunk of my paycheck buying bits and pieces to make my costume complete. Procrastinating about it is a joke in itself, but there are at least 8 jokes I think everyone living here would understand, and by ‘here’, I mean only us Yakimaniacs, or is it Yakimoanians, Yaki-yites, Yaki-mites???


Babysitters make a killing on Halloween Weekend, no pun intended!

Babysitters make a killing on Halloween Weekend, no pun intended!

These aren’t “jokes” in the traditional sense; they’re things that only Yakima insiders know about. You have to live here to understand why any of these things make sense to us!

1 . Avoid the Barge-Chestnut Area unless you love massive crowds, screaming kids, and getting your toes run over by strollers.

It’s an introvert’s worst nightmare, which is why it’s the PERFECT street to go Trick or Treating!


2 . Do you really get bigger and better snacks in the “rich” areas?


3 . Spirit Halloween is Life! (Except for this year, cuz it ain’t here!)


4 . If you want a big haunted house, go to Tri-Cities. If you want a closer Halloween experience, try the Zombie Haunt or Madd Hatters.

Madd Hatters Escape the Maddness in Union Gap
Google Street View


5 . Tis the season to go to every pumpkin patch and corn maze you can. (They are only around for a few weeks out of the year.)



6 . The place in good ole Yakima town to get the MOST amount of Halloween Candy is actually inside a car lot (Steve Hahn's Auto Group).

Steve Hahn Trunk or Treat 2022
TSM Sarah Johnson


7 . Haunted movie fests are the new “it” thing. Just ask The Majestic!



8 . Pets other than dogs love to go Trick or Treating, too! Just ask my daughter’s little cat, Fluffy. He's got his own cat backpack!



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