5 Ways to Spot an Out-of-Towner in Yakima

5 Ways to Spot a Yakima Out-of-Towner
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"Sorry hon, but you don't look like you're from here!" - Everybody I met when I first moved to Yakima

When I first arrived to live in Yakima, I stood out like a sore thumb. I dressed up when I went to the nightclubs. I was wearing black business pants and matronly-looking professional turtlenecks, the locals were wearing very casual cut-off jeans and tube tops. I was wearing my church shoes to the club, the locals were wearing flip flops and chanclas just in case things got out of control. I was wearing Hanes Women's High-Waisted Briefs, the locals were wearing CHONIES, and I dared not to make anybody get theirs in a bunch!

It's been twenty years of living here in Yakima so now I've grown accustomed to dressing up (or down) just like everybody else. In fact, during the COVID pandemic years when we all stayed home and went to Zoom meetings, those were some good times. I didn't have to get dressed up for anything from the waist down! It was bliss!

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Here are 5 ways we can tell if you're an out-of-towner in Yakima. At least one of these ways involves clothing!


1. They ask why do we put jalapenos on everything.

You need to read this article here for the short backstory to that question! Apparently, Yakima has developed a reputation amongst some who used to live on the Westside of the Cascades that our restaurants put jalapenos on everything. I did some digging to find out if that menu rumor was true.

2. They tell us they never knew Yakima was so beautiful.

Yakima's BEEN beautiful, with way more sunshine than you see in other parts of the state. How are you just now figuring that out?! I'm just going to insert that Whitney gif right here.


3. They aren't wearing Northface, Birkenstocks, Patagonia, Columbia, or anything useful from REI, Dick's Sporting Goods, Cabela's, or from one of those deals off Amazon.com.

*winces, winces* Oh, you're wearing your *scans outfit* yoga pants WITHOUT a puffer vest. And they aren't LuLuLemons? Yes, my dear, you are a bonafide sightseer! No judgment!

4. They don't own any flannel, flannel fringe blankets, flannel throw pillows, flannel heating pad with rice, or any kind of flannel accessories.

When we detect a flannel-free local, we instantly know that you are some sort of vacationist, aren't you?!

5. You don't have any collectible Beanie Babies in the back seat window of your car, or a wear a Mullet, or you've never heard of a Cheese Zombie before.

I had no idea each of these were all a "thing" until I moved to Yakima. LMAO.

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