A man arrested for a January 7 murder near Sunnyside has been released from jail and will not face charges. Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic announced Thursday that no charges will be filed against Bradley Santoyo from Mabton arrested for the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Angel Faz. The 26-year-old Santoyo, a known gang member was released from jail because prosecutors don't have the evidence to hold or convict him in court.
Faz was shot on January 7 near a mobile home park in the 2300 block of Yakima Valley Highway. In a press release Brusic says "our office has since reviewed the current evidence gathered to date as of today. It is my humble opinion, however, that the evidence presently available is insufficient currently to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the suspect committed or was complicit in the victim's murder. Consequently, though this suspect was arrested, it is our determination that we cannot file murder charges against this suspect at this time."
Santoyo was arrested last Saturday and a judge set bail at $1 million during an appearance in court on Monday. But he has since been released from jail.
Brusic says even though prosecutors don't have the evidence to file charges at this time if any new evidence is found his office will look at it and make a decision. "Please continue to communicate with us and allow us to keep assisting you with search warrants and further investigation. When you complete your investigation of this case, please refer it to our office again with any additional evidence that you find and we will re-evaluate it"


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