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( statewide initiative.

In Eyman's words the initiative "gets rid of state and local taxes and fees on vehicles, bringing back the $30 tabs policy that we’ve voted for over and over again."

Eyman says "in 1999, voters passed Initiative 695 (66% in Yakima County!!) and that got Tabs down to $30.  And voters OK’d that $30 tabs policy again by approving  Initiative 776 in 2002 (66% in Yakima County!!) and that got ‘em down again....But in recent years, state and local governments have weaseled around those voter-approved laws, imposing various taxes and fees that have robbed us of our $30 tabs.  If we don’t do this initiative, politicians are just gonna keep jacking ‘em up until we’re back to the pre-695 levels.  We can’t let that happen."

Over the past 4 months, the campaign has collected 250,000 voter signatures but still need another 75,000 to qualify for the ballot.   Similar measures have fallen short the past two years.