I see a lot of movies. Is it a hobby?  I don’t know if it qualifies but it consumes a lot of my off time, gives me a lot of enjoyment and it’s something I can do by myself, so maybe it is!  I have my favorite actors and preferred plots and genres as do most movie buffs.

I don’t go as a critic, I just enjoy the experience and the ability to shut out the world for a while but there are plenty of others who weigh and measure and criticize.

For example the industry keeps track of which actors provide the biggest return on investment and Forbes Magazine is out with the bottom of the list.

These are the most overpaid actors of the past year based on their pay earned and then box office success of their movies

This time around there are some pretty big names who came up small which means either the movies didn’t draw a big audience or the actors made bank!

5. Brad Pitt (made $11.50 at the box office for every $1 he was paid)

4. Denzel Washington (made $10.40  for every $1 he was paid)

3. Channing Tatum (made $7.60  for every $1 he was paid)

2. Christian Bale (made $6.70 for every $1 he was paid)

1. Mark Wahlberg (made $4.40  for every $1 he was paid)

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