The New Year of 2012 will be a whole lot pinker, there’s no doubt about it. It’s bound to happen with the announcement this week that Pink Lady America and Sherwin-Williams® are working together to encourage people to Paint It Pink™ with Pink Lady Pink!

Pink Lady America LLC, which manages the Pink Lady® Trademark for over 220 growers in North America, and Sherwin-Williams® which has more than 400 stores (including Columbia Paint & Coatings) from coast to coast, will be asking customers to ‘Paint It Pink™’ through the month of May.

They’ll be painting it pink for real with a new Sherwin-Williams shade called ‘Pink Lady Pink’ and be able to participate in a contest for cash prizes from Pink Lady America by using the color of the Pink Lady® Brand Apple in a colorful and unique way and on video.

“We are asking the fans of the Pink Lady apple to show how much they love it and its popular color and to do it in a very distinctive way,” says Alan Taylor, Pink Lady America marketing director.

“Having the folks from Sherwin-Williams involved and offering a Pink Lady Pink paint, and at a 10 percent discount, is already adding to the excitement. What started as just a way to celebrate the Pink Lady Apple in the New Year took on a whole new dimension with this idea of a new shade of pink coming from Sherwin-Williams.”

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Taking part in the Paint It Pink program involves simply painting something or a scene pink which, of course, includes a Pink Lady Apple or Apples. Video tape the process as it takes place along with a shot or shots of the final scene. There is a five-minute time limit on the video

Details for the Paint It Pink program are available at <> or by contacting Alan Taylor at

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