Happy Columbus da...er, no? Indigenous Peoples...what? Native Americans day?  Hard to keep up as different communities change their holiday for the individual interpretations of political correctness.  Well, no matter what you call it, today marks the date in 1492 that Columbus landed in the Bahamas of North America.   It used to be a big day for Italian pride but there has been quite of bit of pushback and Italian shaming in recent years as Italian Americans seek to hold onto their heritage's hero.

So where's the party?  The U-S Census Bureau says Italian Americans make up the sixth largest ancestry group in America with about 17.2 million people (as of 2013 --that's 5.4 percent of the population) and they can most likely be found here:
Top-10 Italian states by population

!0. Michigan 466,461

9.. Connecticut 670,030

8. Ohio 744,277

7. Illinois 800,779

6. Massachusetts 915,687

5. Florida 1,183,957

4. California 1,496,669

3. Pennsylvania 1,550,850

2. New Jersey 1,487,161

1. New York 2,636,152

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