Tax Preparers Help Last-Minute Filers As Tax Deadline Looms

More frustration today over class warfare in America. I am getting so tired of hearing

that the “rich”, whoever they are, need to pay their “fair share”.  The table below is a little dated (2006) but clearly paints a picture of the load carried by wealthier Americans.So my question is simply this: How much MORE is fair when the top 5% of earners alreadypay 60% of the taxes?  How much MORE should they be expected or required to give?  I meanthis is still America, right?

 Percentile Ranked      Adjusted Gross Income   Percentage of Federal

By AGI                         Income                              Personal Income Tax


Top 1%                        $388,806                                39.89%

Top 5%                          153,542                                 60.14%

Top 10%                        108,904                                70.79%

Top 25%                         64, 702                                86.27%

Top 50%                         31,987                                  97.01%

Bottom 50%                <31,987                                    2.99%


Update: The chart above is from the Joint Economic Committe (based on 2006 IRS data),

showing the percentages of federal personal income tax paid by different groups of taxpayers:

The top 1% of taxpayers pay about 40% of all income taxes, the top 10% pay 71%, and the top 50%

pay 97% of all taxes. The bottom 50% pays less than 3% of all income taxes paid.

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