Communication is essential in an emergency, but Yakima has multiple dead spots around the city where police radios don't work, meaning officers could be calling to report a problem and not be heard by dispatch. Our news partner KIMA Action News reports Yakima has been working to solve the issue. Earlier this year, city leaders approved spending half-a-million of your tax dollars on new radios to fix the problem.  Officer Jake Lancaster with Yakima Police Department explained the radio problems come and go, but some weeks it’s a daily issue.

"Sometimes it's frustrating… but we just work around it," said Lancaster.

Officers work around it by driving around Yakima until they find better reception. Yakima Police Department needs more coverage. This means more towers. They that will solve the problem once and for all, but towers aren't free. Unless Yakima gets a grant to pay for the towers, it appears Yakima Police Department will have to spend more money to ensure they hear your call for help.  Yakima Police Department is also working on a plan to install more towers.