Yakima County's Gang Commission is asking the state for more money to fight gang activity.

The commission met with state officials this afternoon to discuss increasing funding.

Leaders from around Yakima County spoke about the need to keep suppressing gangs.

They think their efforts so far will bring more grants.

"In Seattle, for example, you have gangs but it's a daily annoyance," said Harold Dalia, Yakima County Court Administrator. "Here, its part of our everyday life, so people are looking at us and saying, 'How are you doing?' And were showing them gang court, we're showing them this edition of today and they're saying, 'How can we do that? How can we get involved?"

The commission also split a $120,000 grant between Yakima, Sunnyside and Toppenish.

Toppenish will use it in elementary schools. Yakima and Sunnyside will have yet to decide how to use their share.