For the first time in its history, Yakima has more than 92,000 people living within city limits, which is nearly 1,500 more than last year's estimate.

Our news partner KNDO talked with the city which said the numbers show Yakima is making slow but steady growth, which looks promising for the area's economy.

Community members we spoke with said they're happy to hear more people are calling Yakima their home. They attribute the growth to various job opportunities and a developing downtown.

"A lot of the young folks that I've talked to have come here from other places kind of all over the country because of jobs," said Rebecca Brown.

"They're trying really hard downtown, trying to get people to come," said Michelle Bannister. "It's a process, but I think it's cool. I didn't have any idea that we had that many people here."

Yakima remains Washington's ninth largest city by population.