Tony Picard went from a small town boy to an international celebrity overnight.

He has been featured on the Today Show, the Huffington Post and Deadspin. Some compare the White Swan football player to William "The Refrigerator" Perry but Picard actually has 65 pounds on him. One thing is for sure, he is definitely making history.

Picard is an Internet sensation. The 6-4, 400-pound running back from White Swan can be seen all over the web plowing through defensive lines and steam rolling towards the end zone.

"You go out on the field, it's not the same as watching a smaller running back go out," Picard tells KNDO News. "People are looking at you like oh my God; this kid's got the ball. It's something new."

It may come as a shock to some but to Picard it is just a way of life. He started playing football in middle school and tells us the sport helped him overcome one of the hardest moments in life, losing his grandmother.

"Once she was gone, I was like what do I do?" said Picard. "I was lost. I wanted to give up."

But Picard persevered and put his heart into the game. His career as a running back took off during a practice drill when the coaches quickly realized they had something special.

"Everybody started going crazy, started jumping up on top of him," said Coach Andy Bush. "Give the big guy the ball, give the big guy the ball and they snapped the ball and he plowed through and bodies were flying everywhere."

Coach Bush said it takes about five guys to stop Picard from running down the field. It will take a whole lot more to stop him from accomplishing his future dreams.

Picard said he is just starting to talk to college scouts but ever since he was a little boy, he's always dreamed of playing for Washington State University. Maybe even one day going pro.