KIT wants news & information to be where you are when you are on the go-so-we are picking up the pace of our involvement in Twitter.  We may be a little late to the Twitter party but at least now we know we’ll be tweeting some of the smartest folks in the country.  According to the Daily Mail researchers have been monitoring tweets for some time and even have a way to gauge the state by state intelligence of tweeters!

Their conclusion is: if you're basing each state's IQ off of tweets made by residents, Massachusetts is the most intelligent at 104.3.   A computer algorithm was used to score tweets based on spelling, grammar and word choice.

The majority of states got scores falling between a fourth grade and sixth grade reading level, and state-by-state results pretty much matched up to previous official state education performance statistics. Louisiana and Alabama received the lowest scores.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Washington State averages a respectable 101.9.    Interactive Map: