Child restraints are not being used properly, about 85% of them, with the number of violations rising in Yakima and Tri-Cities from 700 in 2011 to over 800 last year, as KIMA-tv reports.Putting children in the car correctly is important because they depend on us, adults, to do that for them like Bobbisue Schlender,  mother of three, who told that to KIMA-tv.

KIMA-tv states that while numbers may seem high, troopers say fluctuation year-to-year is typical with possibly more patrols or people not staying up to date on new laws.

KIMA-tv reports that some troopers have seen extreme cases in transit like a six-month-old buckled in a car seat and placed on the floor unsecured, which shows a real need to have more training for parents so all children can be safer.

If you'd like to receive child safety training, KIMA-tv provides a listed local inspection sites like calling WSP or Swanky Babies if you live in the Tri-Cities to set up a free appointment or if you live in Yakima, contact YPD or Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital.