It is called the Tour De Farce and bicyclists are invited to be a part of the ride on Saturday September 28.

It is being described as a fake bicycle race and celebration of Yakima's potential. It starts at 2:00 p.m. at Miller Park.

Organizer Nathan Poel says the ride is a way for people to celebrate not only what Yakima is but also what it can be. He says it is a way to promote love and forgiveness.

The race is funded by a $5,000 Federal grant. Some of the money will be used to install bike racks along Yakima Avenue.

Participants are encouraged to dress themselves and their bikes in costumes representing their vision for the future of Yakima.

The route will begin at Miller Park and wind its way towards Yakima Avenue where it will highlight the bike lanes proposed in the downtown plan. From there participants will ride to the finish line at Kiwanis Park where they will be greeted with music and celebration.