Two Yakima residents drowned Saturday morning in Rimrock Lake while trying to recover a flotation device. 

A 29-year-old woman went out into the water to retrieve a flotation device and a 14-year-old boy followed after to assist, but the boy panicked and they both struggled in the water.

Both individuals were so exhausted after the struggle they could not make it back to the shore near the peninsula on the southern side of the lake, KIMA-tv reports. 

Other bystanders at the lake were able to retrieve the female and attempt CPR, but were not able to find the boy in the water.

The resuscitation efforts from the bystanders and eventual rescue personnel were unsuccessful on the female while the boy's body was found by a Yakima County Sheriff Office diver two hours later in ten feet of water 25 feet from shore.

The two individuals were not related or previously acquainted with each other and were reportedly able to swim.

Both were reported dead on the scene after the rescue efforts.