Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images

I stopped wearing neckties in 2001 when I left a two decade career in television news.  I gave away several dozen ties and I have not looked back.  But I well recall the knitted tie, the skinny tie, the super wide tie and the power tie.  In fact the tie is about the only business fashion decision most men have. But that is an important decision.  Here is some advice from the experts at Brooks Brothers:• Red ties: These are a good choice if you need to be in charge at that meeting. It’s also considered good luck. Ruby red is the ultimate power tie.

• Blue ties: Blue represents calm and tranquility. It’s a good choice to ease a tense situation.

• Yellow ties: You need to wear these carefully. Certain tones of yellow can be perceived as weak, while others can be bright and cheery. For business, a deep, gold yellow can be warming and rich and is best paired with a dark blue suit.

• Black ties: These really should be saved for special events because they suggest formal. Black ties with a pattern are a little more versatile.

• Green ties: The right shade can be a symbol of rebirth and growth. It’s a good choice if you’d like to be perceived as a team player.

• Brown ties: This tie lets everyone know you’re practical, down-to-earth and will get the job done.