Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work you go.  Like the seven dwarfs we get up each day and head off to work…but do you whistle while you’re there?  Maybe you should since whistling while you work does seem to make you do better job. Call it the Seven Dwarfs phenomenon.

Scientists studied why some people "choke" in critical situations like a pro golfer missing a short putt to lose a championship.  The lab coat crew concluded that people under pressure should try whistling like Sleepy, Dopey and the boys to distract their overworked minds. While under performing in pressure situations is often blamed on nerves, University of Chicago psychologist Dr. Sian Beilock believes the problem is more a case of mental overload, or "paralysis by analysis."

People can sabotage their performance by thinking about it too much but whistling or singing can turn failure into success, whether on a field of play, in a classroom or making a sales pitch.