You’ve done your time. 40 hours a week for 40 years…taking care of business…doing the work. Now it’s time to retire and you’ve earned it. So where can you retire to make the most of what you’ve managed to set aside?

Most of that answer is up to you and your personal interests…but thanks to  we can tell you the ten worst states to retire and they share one thing in common.  It’s not that 8 of 10 are in the Northeast, it’s not that the two Midwest states feature notoriously cold winters….no, it’s that ALL TEN are among the compassionate confines of those who purport to truly care about the poor and the elderly the most!  That’s Right! They are all BLUE States!  See for yourself!

1. Connecticut

2. Illinois

3. Rhode Island

4. Vermont

5. Massechusetts

6. New Jersey

7. Minnesota

8. New York

9. Maine

10, Wisconsin