YouTube to Launch $10-a-month Ad-free Video, Music Plan Red
LOS ANGELES (AP) — YouTube is launching a subscription plan in the U.S. called Red that will combine ad-free videos across its service with on-demand unlimited streaming music for $10 a month.
The plan is targeted at people who frequently click to skip ads and yet wouldn't mind giving fina…
Facebook is the New Water Cooler
With nearly 500 million people on Facebook these days, it’s no wonder work experts describe social networking sites as “the new water coolers.” The one big difference is that water cooler gossip rarely costs anyone their job! Here are some of the latest examples of people getting fired over what the…
The Latest Viral Crazy…The Orvillecopter
Well, it is one of the odd and whacky things that they have seen. It is kinda? Well, how about we introduce you to the Orvillecopter.
The cat, whose name was Orville died after being hit by a car. That's when Dutch artist Bart Jansen decided to preserve the striped feline's body and turn it into a…
You Pee For Me, Marine
~~~ Penned by a man named Bob Lonsberry ~~~
You pee for us all, Marine...
Best Viral Videos of the Week [VIDEOS]
It was another big week for viral videos, in which the Internet introduced us to everything from an embarrassing drunk dial, to a proposal on live television to a brand-new music video from superstar Katy Perry.
We also saw a few baby videos go viral, both good and bad. The good: a so-cute-its-adorab…