Growing Number of Women Leading US Police Departments
LOS ANGELES (AP) — A growing number of women are heading police departments in the United States.
Still, the number of women leading police agencies pales in comparison to their male counterparts. Of the nation's 50 largest police departments, only five are led by women...
Marriages Suffer More WHen Mom Can’t Sleep
When the lady of the house gets a poor night’s sleep, her marriage suffers.  However, the same does not hold true if it’s the fellow who spends his night counting sheep in frustration.
Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh observed 35 healthy married couples’ sleeping habits over a 10-day per…
Jennifer Lopez Is PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful Woman
Jennifer Lopez may be having the best year ever.
The actress-turned-singer-turned-reality TV host, who can currently be seen as one of three judges on FOX's 'American Idol,' was named PEOPLE's Most Beautiful Woman, the magazine revealed today.
In the issue, on newsstands Friday, Lopez talks about diet…
Ladies: How YOU Doin’?
 Women earn 75 percent of what men do at all levels of education.   The earnings of women of color compared to those of all men showed a greater gap than white women: Black women earned 71 percent, Latina women 62 percent in 200…