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Jacquelin Maycumber Appointed to State House Seat
OLYMPIA  (AP) — Jacquelin Maycumber has been appointed as the representative for the 7th District in the state House.
Maycumber was sworn in Thursday, and replaces Shelly Short, who was appointed to the state Senate earlier this week. Maycumber was a long-time legislative assistant to Shor…
The Latest Numbers for State Elections
U.S. House District 1 NW, Snohomish
135 of 214 precincts - 63 percent
x-Suzan DelBene, Dem (i) 40,697 - 54 percent
x-Robert Sutherland, GOP 23,401 - 31 percent
John Orlinski, Dem 7,248 - 10 percent
Scott Stafne, Lib 2,102 - 3 percent
Alex Storms, IP 1,974 - 3 percent
2 to be nominated...
Here is a List of Uncontested Races in Washington.
Here is a list of uncontested races in Washington.
Attorney General
Bob Ferguson (i), Dem
Joshua Trumbull, Lib
State Senate - District 3
Andy Billig (i), Dem
James Apker, Lib
State Senate - District 4
Mike Padden (i), GOP
State Senate - District 5
Chad Magendanz, GOP
Mark Mullet (i), Dem
State Senate - District…