Ag News: Fake News Cattle Crush
Watch out on what you see on social media. A Facebook story in Australia about a "Cow Crusher". Someone with a whacked imagination got people all stirred up.
Ag News: Drought Intensifies
The drought conditions in the Midwest, pushing cattlemen to begin culling herds. Kansas counties are authorized the use of Conservation Reserve Program acres.
Ag News: Trudeau Under Fire
Justin Trudeau is underfire by Canadian dairy farmers. He said he is flexible on increasing access to the country’s dairy industry. A change wanted in NAFTA.
Ag News: Bayer Monsanto Closes
Things are speeding up. Bayer and Monsanto merger may to done earlier than expected. It could be a couple months before the actual integrating operations.
Ag News: NAFTA Talks Accelerate
NAFTA talks between the U.S., Canada and Mexico concluded four days of ministerial-level meetings. U.S. is working on a export deal on Red Meat with Mexico.
AG News: Ag Economic Barometer Up
Ag Economy Barometer moved higher again in February. USDA plans to withdraw the organic animal welfare rule in December. Assoc of E.M. disappointed in the tariff

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