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Attorney General Bob Ferguson Talks DACA In Yakima
Ferguson is expected to talk about the legal challenges that aim to block the Trump administration’s plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program. The future of DACA will also include video profiles of some local daca recipients who will share their stories.
Investigators Closes Heritage Fire Case, Cause Unknown
We may never know what sparked the fire at Heritage University in Toppenish last month.  Investigators have ruled the fire undetermined and have closed the case. Even after pulling piece after piece from what was once Petrie Hall, there are still unanswered questions...
Fire Investigators Return to Heritage University for Answers
Yakima County Fire Investigators returned Monday to Heritage University searching for answers on the cause of the huge fire from last weeks storm. Investigating Officials said all the hot spots at the campus finally stopped burning.  The exact cause of the fire will likely be determined by t…
Full Fire Investigation Starts Today at Heritage University
The fire at Petrie Hall at Heritage University will get a full investigation today. After days of waiting to find the source and ignition point,  fire investigators will get their chance this week.  Deputy Fire Marshall Ron Rutherford says his team won't go onto the site until la…

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