City of Yakima Offering Leaf Disposal Options To Residents
In the city of Yakima, it is illegal for leaves from your property to blow into the street or sidewalk.This is because of their potential to clog gutter and storm drains.
If you do not know what to do with yours, Yakima does offer some options to help you stay compliant with the city codes.
Do You Really Need to Rake Those Leaves?
Ah, fall -- the leaves turn breathtaking colors, setting the hills ablaze with streaks of red, orange and yellow.
But somehow, they don't look as pretty when they're all over your lawn. Now they just look like work.
Do they need to, though...
Bellingham Climber Survives 60-Foot Fall Near Naches
Rescue crews helped save a climber who had fallen about 60 feet off a cliff near Naches on Saturday. Yakima County sheriff's deputies say the 29-year-old man from Belliingham was climbing a cliff face when an anchor he had set pulled out of a rock and sent him falling down the cliff face.
Reasons to Love Fall – Dave’s Top Five
I don’t like to freeze but I don’t like to roast either and I’m crow’s feet and laugh lines past worrying about a tan. Mid 60’s to Mid 70’s is perfect to relax or to be semi-active. Give me the Fall weat…