U.S. Mexico Sugar Dispute; Trump Paris Accord Promise
**The U.S. seems to have the upper hand in the sugar dispute with Mexico because, according to industry officials, its refiners would be happy to get their needed imports from elsewhere.
The U.S. is demanding Mexico agree to a new suspension agreement that limits the amount of Mexican sugar exports i…
USDA Holds Changes to School Lunches; FFA Questions Perdue
**USDA is putting a hold on regulations in the National School Lunch Program requiring less salt and more whole grains in cafeterias.
At an elementary school in Leesburg, Virginia, Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue also said USDA will lift restrictions to allow schools to serve flavored, 1 percent milk inste…
Farm Credit Strong and Britain Gives BREXIT Notice
**Farm incomes continue to drop and producers are having tougher times paying back loans, but the overarching agricultural credit system remains strong and bankers are doing what they can to help borrowers survive.
That was the cohesive message presented by some of the biggest names in farm banking t…

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