Transplanted: 10-story Sequoia Moves 2 Blocks
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A large sequoia tree with a history rooted in conservation was standing in the way of progress, so on Sunday, it was moved.
More than a century after it was sent to Idaho as a sapling by naturalist John Muir, the 10-story tree was shifted across the street to make way for a …
Project is Cutting Down Trees to Reduce Forest Fire Risks
CLE ELUM, Wash. (AP) — To restore a forest and reduce the risk of severe wildfires, a conservation group is cutting down trees.
But it's not a typical commercial logging operation. The Nature Conservancy is selectively logging dry forests in Washington's Central Cascade Mountains as part of a long-te…
Yakima Giving Away Biodegradable Bags for Leaves
The city of Yakima is giving away leaf bags until supplies run out.
You can get the bags at the Public Works complex at 2301 Fruitvale Boulevard. The biodegradable bags can be picked up between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. About 40,000 bags will be given away...
Program Using Beavers to Restore Rivers
In a heavily irrigated Washington valley where fish, crops and people often compete for water, biologists are turning to one of nature's best engineers to help restore streams and salmon habitat.
Landowners typically trap or kill beavers that block irrigation canals and flood homes in the Yakima…

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