More Flooding Causes Traffic Congestion At 16th Avenue In Yakima
My drive has become hectic these days due to ramp closures at 40th and now water is pouring onto the streets near Lake Aspen.
I tried to leave work today through the 16th avenue exit and discovered that route to be delayed.
A new DOT press release states 16th ave at mile post 102 exit is closed.
Food Safety Reasons
Apparently the closure of Yakima's Wendy's restaurant wasn't a problem with paying was a concern about food safety...that's according to an article in today's Yakima Herald says an injunction was filed by the parent company last week against the …
Flights Cancels!
Check with your airline if you are flying out today.  There are a number of cancellations and delays at both PDX and Sea-Tac Airports.  At least 15 United and Alaska flights out of PDX are cancelled today.
It’s the latest closure in recent memory...