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City of Yakima Offering Leaf Disposal Options To Residents
In the city of Yakima, it is illegal for leaves from your property to blow into the street or sidewalk.This is because of their potential to clog gutter and storm drains.
If you do not know what to do with yours, Yakima does offer some options to help you stay compliant with the city codes.
Yakima Chamber Of Commerce Offers Customer Service Seminars
If you are a business owner, you know how important repeat business is to your survival, so customer service is usually your No. 1 priority.
It's crazy in this day and age how we've let customer service slide in this hustle and bustle world, but great business owners still recognize how important it …
Work Officially Begins On Yakima Soccer Complex
It might look like a scene out of "Mad Max" right now, but backers of a new soccer complex on 122 acres off South 38th Avenue hope it'll look like one of finest sports facilities in the state within the next two years.
Amid lots of applause and smiles, city officials joined private organize…

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