More Women Embrace Beer
A toast to the ladies who are apparently making lots of toasts on their own! This latest update from here in Hops Country - Women are increasingly embracing beer.
For perspective, according to the Gender Pint Gap report, while the percentage of women drinking beer is up double digits, still, just one…
Only 16% Of Viewers Watch Football Sober
Did today's Seahawks game, a 25-20 loss to the New Orleans Saints with many questionable calls by the referees, drive you to drink? Or were you already going to down a few beers anyways? Either way, you're not alone.
Washington Growers Produce Record Crop
YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — Despite drought and a heat wave this summer, Washington growers produced a record 59.4 million pounds of hops this year.
Much of the 6 percent boost in production came from an 11 percent increase in acreage. But...
Misleading Beer
MIAMI (AP) — A $20 million lawsuit settlement has been approved that would give cash to drinkers of U.S.-brewed Beck's beer over misleading packaging emphasizing its German origins.
A Miami federal judge approved the national settlement Tuesday...

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