Another in a series of short day trips you can take around the Yakima Valley that won’t totally destroy your gas budget.

A trip to Toppenish will definitely not break your gas budget, even at today's prices. The thing that you will really have to budget is time, because there is so much to see!

Toppenish lives up to it's billing as the city of Murals and Museums. The historical murals that are painted on buildings all over town started in 1987, and now attract visitors from all over the world. The next mural will be painted at the "Mural In A Day" event in June.

Toppenish is also home to the American Hop Museum, Northern Pacific Railway Museum, and the Yakama Nation Cultural Center.

Like I said, a lot to see. you might have to take two trips!

The Toppenish Chamber of Commerce has a very extensive website, packed with information.

Here's the link:

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