On Sunday morning a 23 year old Selah was treated at a local hospital for a gunshot wound to his foot. He told Yakima Sheriff Officers and Yakima Police Department officer’s that he had gotten very drunk while at a local tavern and someone had apparently shot him in his foot. He reported that all he could remember was waking up in the hospital with his injury. Officer’s examining his car noticed a fresh bullet hole through the passenger floorboard. His girlfriend described a much different story. She reported that while driving her drunk boyfriend home he suddenly pulled a .38 cal revolver out of his sock. The gun accidentally went off and he shot himself in his foot. He told her that he wanted to show her the gun, since he had just stolen it from his “friend”. He then threw the gun out the window. However, his cooperative girlfriend later lead deputies to this area and they were able to recover the handgun. His “friend” was later contacted and confirmed that his father’s gun had been stolen. The father was more than willing to pursue charges. This subject was later booked into jail for outstanding arrest warrants. He was also booked on requested charges of Illegal Possession of a Handgun and Theft of a Firearm.