It’s my oldest daughter’s birthday today…I tease her and her sister about being “Spring Calves”  Sarah is 29 today and sister Dacotah turned 23 on May 4th.  Both are sweet, funny, liberal, kind, friendly, animal loving great people. Is there some reason they share so much in common?  Maybe. There is a study that indicates the season in which you're born can affect your personality.

Though the mechanism varies, birth season seems to influence quite a few aspects of a person's health and personality. For example, a 2010 study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found that babies born in the fall had nearly double the food allergy risk (9.5%) of babies born in the summer (5%); a 2008 study found that nearsightedness was highest in babies born in the summer. A recent study of 58,000 patients in England found that some disorders showed groupings based on birth months -- schizophrenics were more likely to be born in January, and less likely to be born in late summer; people with depression were more likely to be born in May, and less likely to be born in November. (

 Looks like a better get some Prozac in the family pak for my May babies!