Seaport airlines begins it's service in Yakima today. The  new service between Yakima and Wenatchee and Portland was announced late last year. The new service includes three daily nonstop roundtrip flights between Yakima to Portland Monday through Friday, one nonstop flight from Yakima to Portland on Saturday, and one return nonstop flight from Portland to Yakima on Sunday.  All flights from Portland to Yakima will continue to Wenatchee after a brief stop.  The same pattern will be operated on return flights.

Flights from Yakima to Portland start Today and the flights are already booked.

Sea Port airlines will run two or three flights from Yakima to Portland daily. The price of the flights start at about 70-dollars each way.

"It's a great sign to see the airlines already have reservations for their bookings going out of Yakima, whether it be Portland or Wentachee, it's good to see a good start for the airline here locally," said Rob Peterson, Assistant Manager.

The first flight takes off around noon on Thursday.