Today, a look at three of Yakima's smallest city parks.


Two of Yakima's smallest city parks are very popular with the downtown crowd, especially at lunch time. They provide a nice respite during a busy work day.

Summitview park is a small rectangular pocket park at the intersection of Summitview and 11th Avenue. The  facilities in the park are a grill and picnic tables which are often used
during the noon hour. Located between two busy streets, the park provides
mature shade trees and is a pleasant contrast to the busy neighborhood and streetscape.


Portia Park is a small triangular pocket park located at South 12th Avenue and West Yakima Avenue,west of downtown . Because of its location, this park provides visual interest and green space to the neighborhood rather than serving as a recreation resource. The park has mature shade trees and lawn with some picnic tables.


Tieton Terrace Park is not the smallest park in Yakima, that honor goes to Roselma Garden Club Park. Tieton Terrace Park is a small pocket park located at the intersection of South 26th Avenue and West Walnut Street.  Facilities in the park are  a picnic table and a swing set .

They may be small, but these three parks can provide a nice  break in a busy day.