OK, that did it…now I’m mad.  Color me cretin. Resolve that I’m un-evolved. Think what you will think but leave the Easy Bake Oven alone.  There is a story posted to this website that tells of a thirteen year-old girl’s mission to force Hasbro to make a more “gender-neutral” version of the famous Easy Bake Oven.  http://thefw.com/thirteen-year-old-girl-easy-bake-oven/  She feels the current color and configuration is to “cutesy” in purple and pink and promotes the idea that mom’s stay home and cook while dads go off to work. Huh?  Her four year-old kid brother wants to cook and she thinks he deserves a more “manly” looking toy?  Then I say invent one, design one, build one but leave the current one alone!  My daughter loves purple and pink and she deserves to have such a toy.  Not all kids are caught up in political correctness.  If there is a market for a boy toy oven or gender neutral appliance the marketplace will trip over itself to cash in.  But don’t take the fun out of light bulb cooking for thousands of pretty princesses because your bro wants to be the next Rachel Ray-mond. 

There are a million young girls who love the “feminine touches” on the Easy Bake and love the idea that there ARE feminine touches.  So pick a different fight.  Find something else that is too pink for your sibling and take on that cause.

Maybe you can get Crayola to put out a 12 pack of various shades of grey or is it gray? I wouldn't want to offend.  Dump truck Barbie has a nice ring to it.  G.I. Josephine? Hello Hyena?  Use your imagination. Oh wait…why would you do that.  That’s what millions of young girls do every year at Christmas when they open the box and find that Easy Bake Oven.  They dream of cooking and maybe even of changing the world someday....and I’ll bet they can cook up a plan to do it without destroying some other kid’s world in the process.