It seems that as you go around the country, there are certain foods that show up on just about every diner or restaurant menu. Do we have anything special here in the Yakima Valley?

If you travel to various parts of the country, certain things are going to be found regionally on restaurant menus. Last summer on a road trip, I noticed that through Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming, you could get a buffalo burger just about any place. In other parts of the Midwest, it's oriental style almond chicken.

Here are a few other examples.

In New England, it's the Lobster Roll, from Maine to Rhode Island.

In New York, it's pizza!

Maryland has Crab Cakes!

 In Philadelphia, It's the Cheesesteak!

In other parts of the country, it's BBQ, in all it's variations!

In New Mexico, it's all about green chili.

Don't forget about TexMex!

 In the upper Midwest, it's Hot Dish, you betcha!

In California, every where you go, it's beef tri tip.

But what about the Yakima Valley? What's our claim to food fame?

let us know here, OK?