The state Department of Natural Resources has raised the fire danger to moderate in Yakima County.

A brush fire in Cowiche spread rapidly Monday morning quickly burning more than three acres of land.

The speed of the fire surprised firefighters. Highland Fire Chief Sam Glanzer says the fire started on the side of North Cowiche Road, and when firefighters arrived, it was still pretty small. But the grass is so dry this time of year at the beginning of summer it quickly spread throughout the entire area.

Trucks from Yakima, West Valley, Naches and Gleed were called in for support.

Firefighters had trouble containing the fire since access to the brush on the side of the road is difficult. Firefighters had to run over a thousand feet of hose to get water on the flames and officials say those flames were man made.

At this time of year, a poorly placed fire mixed with a little wind can turn dangerous fast. Dry brush like this can ignite extremely easily.

Firefighters say they believe someone threw something outside of their car Monday morning to light the brush on fire.