The Columbia Basin WorkSource program is one organization helping veterans transition into the work world as they return from military service and experience the challenges of finding a job.

WorkSource offers classes to vets and their spouses, with a six-week program helping to bring confidence and resources to vets looking for work.

Bethany Cram was a chemical operations specialist in the Army National Guard for almost six years, but is now finishing up a BSC degree and looking to transition back into the work place through WorkSource.

Cram appreciates the program and how it helps her brush up on interviewing and other skills she hasn't worked on in a while.

Alfred LeDuc was in the US Marines for eight years, honorably discharged as a Staff Sgt lsat year and says this training is terrific, helping his confidence "skyrocket" after the mock interviews.

KAPP-tv states that the program's success rate for finding veterans jobs is more than 80 percent with Cram a perfect example of what can happen by being positive and "taking all the recommendations the program gives (her) to heart."

The program focuses on the "little things" with the veterans like pointers on staying calm, improving resumes, presenting a more marketable appearance and being more confident.

Cram and LeDuc feel great about the help they have received saying it has "equipped them with what they need to succeed" and by implementing these changes in their life, they feel they will "get a phone call in no time and job interviews for real."

These programs are open to any veteran and their spouses as well, they're free of cost and individuals just need to give WorkSource a call for more info: 509.734.5900.