It’s out there and it’s waiting.  You may not even think about it for years--but it’s thinking about you. Sooner or later, someday you will turn 50 and when you do, the colonoscopy will be waiting.  The colonoscopy is a relatively simple, potentially lifesaving and yet awkward and perhaps even embarrassing procedure. The fear of the unknown coupled with the miserable prep process can have any patient on emotional high alert on appointment day. I’ve been through it twice and trust me it’s pretty easy but there can be some trepidation given the nature of the procedure and the neighborhood.

A Virginia man went in for one and wanted to be sure he got the doctor’s post-op instructions right so he recorded them.  Oh boy.  The official report goes like this.

A Virginia colonoscopy patient has filed a lawsuit alleging that doctors mocked him during his procedure. In the suit, the plaintiff only known as D.B. alleges that doctors Tiffany Ingham and Soloman Shah of Safe Sedation and Safe Sedation Management made fun of him as soon as the anesthesia put him under. The doctors started joking about shooting a gun up his rectum, eating him alive, and debated his sexuality. D.B. recorded the doctor's initial instructions for post-operation care, but left the phone on during the operation. He is currently seeking $1,350,000-dollars in compensatory and punitive damage. (Courthouse News Service)

Is that degree of unprofessionalism worth a million-three-five


?  The guy was knocked out and would never have heard it if not for his phone.  No harm no foul -OR- an attack on the defenseless and emotionally vulnerable?  What say you?