Last time out, we posted Teegarden's Top Five Movie Villains. Here we show you characters that are just plain bad!

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    Kurtwood Smith as Clarence Bodickker in "Robocop"

    This dude wrote the book on bad. he wants to become Detroit's undisputed crime lord. He kills without mercy, but with a certain panache. He sells his services to competing corrupt corporate officers. He also murders the police officer that will become Robocop, then tries to kill Robocop. He's just bad.

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    Cristoph Waltz as Hans Landa in "Inglorius Basterds"

    Waltz deserved his Oscar for this role. Landa is very good at his job: hunting down and killing jews. He engages a French dairy farmer in pleasant conversation, coaxes out of him the information that he's hiding a French jewish family under his house, then has his soldiers shoot through the floor to kill the hidden family. He lets a teenage girl escape, because he figures he'll get her later anyway. You have to see the rest of the movie to see why he's bad.

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    Peter Storemare as Gaer Grimsrud in "Fargo"

    Kills his partner in crime with an axe, and the stuffs the body into a woodchipper. 'Nuff said.

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    Joe Pesci as Nicky Santoro in "Casino"

    Nicky Santoro runs a mob crew in Las Vegas. He is a model husband and father by day, a ruthless killer by night. He kills a rival by squeezing his head in a vise. That's bad. How he meets his demise is even more bad.

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    Antonio Banderas as "El Mariachi" in the "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" Trilogy.

    The only hero on the list. He's so bad, he has a guitar case full of weapons, rarely misses an impossible shot, takes out bad guys with dual .45 automatics. The body count he creates is unbelievable. That and Salma Hayek plays his girlfriend. He is BAD.

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