There may soon be more options for bike riders in the downtown Yakima area according to our news partner KNDO.

Proposals for the Downtown Master Plan include bike lanes, protected bikeways off the main roads, and what the city calls Complete Streets, which will allow for cars, bikes, pedestrians and a trolley system.

It is all a way to get more transportation options for the downtown area.

One bike shop owner said he wants to see more options for cyclists.

"One of the major issues is not being able to get from west valley down to downtown. There are a few bike lanes out on Washington Avenue, but it only goes partially across," said co-owner of a local bike store, Axel Dolph.

City officials said they have received a lot of support for more routes.

Sean Hawkins with the city's Economic Development Department said nothing is confirmed, but he hopes to see more options for people to get around downtown.