Not all marriages are happy  and not all marriages are successful  …it’s only about a 50/50 proposition these days.  A lot of factors contribute but what makes a miserable marriage – miserable? Interestingly, one psychologist asked several unhappy couples – “What do you two do for fun?” The #1 answer was…”Nothing.”

And that turned out to be the key.

Gary Lundberg author of “Married For Better, Not Worse” says with children, job pressures, and stress, couples stop doing the fun things together that they used to do. And every couple USED to do fun things together - that’s one of the reasons they got married in the first place.  Think back, we’ll save your place… So if couples can start simply having fun again and doing things together that they used to do – it is an amazingly powerful prescription to help improve a marriage.  Who needs Dr. Phil when you’re out having fun.  If it’s been a while it might take some time…but it’s worth it!