A candidate for Yakima County Clerk who has been disciplined for using her current position to check an opponent's driving record faces termination.

Sarah Matheny is a Yakima Municipal Court Clerk and she admitted using her access to an internal court system database to check the driving record of opponent Steve Driscoll.

Following an investigation by the presiding judge at municipal court, Matheny says, the city docked her a week's vacation. But now city officials say based on the information they have learned she will be terminated. She has been placed on administrative leave.

A pre-disciplinary hearing is set for September 8. She'll have a chance to present information at that hearing. Then the city will take final action.

Matheny is one of five people who faced off in the primary election, and she slightly trails front-runner Janelle Riddle, meaning she and Riddle are likely to face off in the general election in November.