What price beauty?  Quite a bit actually. Take that fabulous hairstyle for example. That cut and color, wash, style and straighten adds up to a whopping $70,000, over a lifetime according to a recent study.

Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

And women spend nearly two years of their lives -- 650 days creating a "salon look" in their own bathrooms over the course of their lifetimes. The average lady spends 41 minutes every day washing, styling and restyling her tresses.

At the beauty parlor, a woman lays out an average of $566.12 a year for cuts and coloring. There's also $227.40 a year for shampoos and conditioners and $316 a year for home-styling products. These figures come from a poll of 2,500 women conducted by Boots, a British health and beauty products company.